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Our Story


GreyHammer, founded in 2016, a visionary producer of designer furniture and furnishings at affordable prices. We appreciate the essence of the best designs and quality furniture. The excellence in our products and business are achieved by a series of holistic and professional approach, supported by infrastructure and rigorous standards in all our work.

We strive to lead in creation, development and growth through continuous improvement in products, services and fair business practices.

At GreyHammer, we believe that the integrity of design lies in the usefulness and aesthetic forms of objects, while serving the needs of people and making sure that the design is within reach. GreyHammer strongly belive that the blend of considerable ingenuity in the design process could lead to well designed furniture at an affordable price.

Our designs blend contemporary sensibilities with traditions of excellence in craftsmanship and quality. Our products, whether a fabric or leather Sofa, a Marble, Granite or Quartz table, a Chair, a Coffee table or Soft furnishings, are all made to the most exact standards and design in styles, so that they bring exceptional beauty to your home.

We pride our furniture on its quality and usability. Every piece that rolls out from our facilities passes through stringent quality control and requirements check. We are consumers too; and we have expectations on quality same like you.


Design, Build & Curate Fine Furniture

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