About Us

Our Story

Thoughtful furniture design to complement modern living.

GreyHammer, founded in 2016, a visionary producer of designer furniture and furnishings at affordable prices. We appreciate the essence of the best designs and quality furniture. The excellence in our products and business are achieved by a series of holistic and professional approach, supported by infrastructure and rigorous standards in all our work.

We strive to lead in creation, development and growth through continuous improvement in products, services and fair business practices.

The right furniture can make your living space feel beyond relaxing, allowing for a seamless flow of colour, style, and texture. That’s why, at GreyHammer, we put a lot of thoughts and care into every piece we create. When we design furniture, every detail, dimension matters so we are able to offer our customers an impeccable standard and quality furniture that will last a lifetime.

We focus on where the materials we use come from, how our furniture will flow with other elements in a modern home, and how it will feel to sit on one of our soft designer sofas or use our custom made marble tables. Every moment of your experience matters to us.

Our designs synergise contemporary sensibilities with traditions of excellence in craftsmanship and quality. Our products, whether a fabric sofa, leather Sofa, Marble table, Granite table, Quartz table, Porcelain table, Ceramic Table, Chair, Marble Coffee table or Soft furnishings, are all made to the most exact standards and design in styles, so that they bring exceptional beauty to your home.

For custom-made furniture in Singapore that offers the highest standard using the latest technology and finest materials, at GreyHammer we are one of Singapore's finest furniture stores. Browse our online collection of functional and stylish pieces to find the perfect furniture for your home.

We invite you to visit our flagship showroom at Ubi Singapore. Handpick from a wide selection of designs, materials, colors and customisation with the help of our brand ambassadors. Touch the product, feel the quality and leave with something you will enjoy for years to come.


Our Core Values

Our Design Philosophy

As a brand we believe in the following design philosophy and principles

Customer Experience

Everything we create is designed with our customer in mind, and we’re committed to an incredible service experience.


GreyHammer believes in combining outstanding quality with astonishing value, offering a carefully curated, assortment of home products. Pairing timeless elements with fresh twists, each item is designed to enhance a room, or inspire a memorable experience.


Whether it is comfort of shopping with us or the comfort provided by our products like sofas and chairs using high quality material like High-Density foams, fibers and down feathers, we have taken care of all your comfort needs in our products.


We believe a blank canvas is something full of possibilities and with unlimited potential. At GreyHammer we celebrate the beauty of natural materials that are crafted into simple, one-of-a-kind shapes and silhouettes.

We source our materials across the globe, select, filter and negotiate with best suppliers to bring our customer the finest of the best. e.g. Italy / Greece / Spain / Brazil / India Marble, Granite, Onyx, Travertine, Limestone, Quartz, Porcelain, Ceramic, Terrazzo and solid wood from Africa and South America.


GreyHammer believes in creating beautiful products that will live with you forever. Our design philosophy is very clear, to create and sell products which are honest, breathe easy but exude strong aesthetics.