Picking the right sofa: Fabric or Leather?


Buying a sofa in Singapore can be a daunting task when considering the variety of sofa fabric colours, styles and designs available. One of the most common dilemma is deciding between a fabric sofa or leather sofa. This guide will weigh up the benefits of each sofa type to help with your major decision making.

Benefits of a Fabric Sofa

  1. Comfort: Fabric sofa offers a warm and comfortable seat, with soft fabrics providing the perfect chair to relax on. If you need somewhere to curl up on after a long day work then a fabric sofa is perfect for you.

  2. Care: Although stains can be a nightmare for fabric sofas, but we provide water resistant fabric from Belgium in Greyhammer. For pet owners, fabric sofa are much more resilient to scratch marks than it is on leather. Most sofa fabrics are specially treated for easy cleaning and stains removal. Removable fabric sofa is the best solution when it comes to maintaining and cleaning of fabric sofa. Most of the fabric sofas in Greyhammer are removable. 

  3. Choice of Patterns: Fabric offers wider choice in terms of patterns and colours, from simple block colours to bright floral designs, perfect for the dreamers who get creative with their living space.

  4. Price: Fabric is usually less expensive than leather, depending on design, frame and other materials used. For those on a budget, fabric might be the right choice.

Benefits of a Leather Sofa

  1. Style: Leather sofa give a room a sense of elegance that may be hard to replicate with a fabric sofa. If you are interested in a classy, traditional look, leather might be the right material for your new sofa.

  2. Hypoallergenic: Leather sofa is better for those that suffer from allergies as leather do not trap dust, pet hair, dust mites and other allergens the same way that fabric sofas do.

  3. Easy to Clean: For families, a leather sofa can be perfect, as the surface is easy to wipe and cleans any spillage instantly. Leather only needs a quick clean every few months to keep it in good condition.

Now it is time to personalize! With these tips, find your own personal home style and select your favourite sofa to help complete your space.

Greyhammer Furniture Singapore offers customisable sofa with premium imported fabric and leather with hundreds of color options. Built with a kiln-dried hardwood frame for sturdiness and durability and removable covers, Greyhammer’s sofas are made for the everyday living.

To view Greyhammer’s full collection of leather and fabric sofa, head down to their showroom (link) or visit greyhammer.com/livingroomcollection