Jane - Table

The idea was to design a an elegant and minimal solid wood table that does show the craftsmanship and woodworking skills that are necessary to produce it, but that is not visually overwhelming. Jane was designed and crafted to give all of that and spacious leg rooms for your guests and chairs. It is available in 3 different types of wood (Ash, Oak, and Black Walnut), with various natural finishes.

Customization time:
6 - 8 weeks
Price Range:
Ash wood 180cm from $2899

about the

  • Highly customisable for any space
  • Available in American Ash wood, Oak and Black Walnut
  • A range of stain colors to select from
  • Spacious leg room for chairs and guests
  • Adjustable foot caps are provided to level out any uneven floor surfaces


about the

The natural beauty of wood draws us into its rich earthy tones and imprinted grain patterns.

Wood adds a sense of warmth, depth, history and quality. Its true beauty emerges gradually and develops a subtle, yet rich, patina that gives every piece of furniture its own personality.

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