Marti - Table(*NEW*)

In a dynamic interplay of sensitivity and strength, the curvaceous Marti Console features a discreet stained wood top between its elegant legs. In addition to Marti table, the Marti family also includes Marti Console Table. Marti design is built with American ash wood base. Customise and handpick the table material, and size right down to millimeter. From 6 to 12 seater to fit perfectly in your home with complimentary delivery & installation by our expert installers.

Customization time:
6 - 8 weeks
Price Range:
180cm from $3299

about the

  • Highly customisable for any space
  • Available in American Ash wood, Oak and Black Walnut
  • A range of stain colors to select from
  • Adjustable foot caps are provided to level out any uneven floor surfaces

about the

The natural beauty of wood draws us into its rich earthy tones and imprinted grain patterns.

Wood adds a sense of warmth, depth, history and quality. Its true beauty emerges gradually and develops a subtle, yet rich, patina that gives every piece of furniture its own personality.

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