Terms and Conditions

Variations in natural materials

Natural materials such as marble and wood will have inherent variances in colour or grain pattern caused by nature.

Please note that your furniture may have colour or grain differences from the store display pieces.

Variations in finishes

Due to the natural variation in marble and wood, each piece may have a variation in how it accepts the finishing process.

Small indentations in the finishes may occur and are not classed as defects, as in most cases these occur due to the finishes covering natural air pockets in the material.

Finishes on the bottom or interior facing surfaces will be finished as deemed fit such as with sealant or lacquer and will not be polished or finished similarly to the top surfaces unless specified.

Variations in measurements

Measurements will be true to ±2 cm. Edition reserves the right to adjust the dimensions of our tables, and will advise you accordingly, as we deem fit for use and stability.

Variations from online images

Product images are for reference only and should be considered illustrative.

By making a purchase, you acknowledge the presence of the abovementioned variances which are not considered as manufacturing defects.

Production Lead Time

No cancellation of orders due to delayed fulfillment

Lead times for made to order pieces or backorder pieces are approximately 4 to 6 weeks (small pieces) or 8 to 10 weeks (large pieces), unless otherwise stated. While we do our best to ensure the timely fulfillment of your orders accordingly, external factors beyond our control may lead to delays. The lead times are thus not guaranteed and orders may not be cancelled due to delayed fulfillment.

Storage Fees

If storage is requested at point of purchase

→ For store order, inform retail staff to note on the invoice

→ For online order, add into order note

Free storage for a maximum of 2 months from the expected date of fulfillment

Storage fees at 5% of the product value per month thereafter If storage is not requested

All delivery or collection arrangements will be made as soon as your pieces are ready for dispatch

Any late requests are subject to discretion based on available space at our warehouse; chargeable at 5% of the product value per month.

Lack Of Reasonable Access For Successful Delivery
No refund for failed or unmanageable delivery

Delivery charges are based on the understanding that reasonable access is available. Please ensure the smooth transport of your purchases by checking measurements of furniture pieces against that of access areas or availability of alternative access such as cargo lifts.

GREYHAMMER reserves the right to cancel the delivery should areas be deemed inaccessible by our outsourced delivery fleet. Unfortunately, no refunds will be made for both the delivery and the products in these instances.

Additional charges apply for stairway access

Should delivery be deemed possible by stairs, additional charges at S$20 per product per storey not accessible by elevator (applicable to stairs within landed properties or HDB maisonette) will be charged by the delivery fleet.